Free Crochet Patterns

This site has hundreds of free crochet patterns that are both accessible and fun to create. The patterns include a variety of items such as blankets, throws, place settings, beach bags, pillow covers, shawls, and skirts. Each pattern is detailed and includes the necessary materials and instructions to create beautiful, hand-crafted items. Whether you’re looking to show your patriotic spirit with an American-themed throw or want to add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe with a triangle shawl, this site is a treasure trove for crocheters of all skill levels.

I love Yarn Forever Featured Image_c2c squares

FREE Crochet Pattern: Corner to Corner Squares

Corner to Corner (C2C) is a popular technique in crochet. In this Corner to Corner Squares pattern, you will use 227 yards in the square, not including the border. Project Size: 22 inches x 22 inches Skill Level: Easy

I love Yarn Forever Featured Image_Pop-A-Minute Baby Blanket

Free Crochet Pattern: Pop-A-Minute Baby Blanket

Pop-A-Minute Baby Blanket is an easy to crochet project that uses shell stitches. A perfect gift for the little ones. Project Size: Approx. 35 inches x 37 inches Skill Level: Easy The Pop-A-Minute Baby Crochet Blanket is a cozy and soft blanket that has a cheerful and colorful design.

I love Yarn Forever Featured Image_Fancy Basket

Free Crochet Pattern: Fancy Basket

This Fancy Basket crochet pattern, a Marled Basket Adaptation, uses 2 Strands on Same Yarn Ball. Project Size: Cowl is 11 inches Dia x 5.5 inches high Skill Level: Intermediate