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13 Cozy Crochet Cardigan and Sweater Patterns

Did you ever feel like you have an old cardigan left under someone's bed? Worry no more, as you’ll surely have new ones that will never go out of style! We can really never get tired of our closet’s comfy staples: Cardigans and Sweater as these two keep us warm and comfortable in various types of seasons like winter and even summer, and if you’re looking for one, we got you!

Here’s the list of our carefully curated Cardigan and Sweater Crochet to add to your marvelous closet!

Free Crochet Cardigan and Sweater Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Crochet Pattern: Let's Stripe Crochet Cardigan

Let's Stripe Crochet Cardigan - free crochet pattern _

If you’re looking for a cute and challenging cardigan to crochet, then this Stripe Crochet Cardigan is what you’re looking for! With the combination of neutral tones in its pattern, you’ll surely look to be dawning in various chocolate layers. This design is available in a wide range of sizes from XS-5XL. In addition, this design can also be crocheted by a beginner. Truly an easy way of being fab!

2. Free Crochet Pattern: Granny Square Shrug Crochet Cardigan

Granny Square Shrug Cardigan- free crochet pattern_

The granny square is a classic crochet motif! It’s used to make everything from afghans to tiny purses. Michelle of The Snugglery shares this free cardigan crochet pattern which teaches us to crochet a shrug from a regular o’ll granny square and how to seam it into a cozy cocoon cardigan. Whether you want to save money by making your own sweater, or are looking for an easy crochet pattern for beginners, this is the tutorial for you.

3. Free Crochet Pattern: Crochet Fair Isle Cardigan

Crochet Fair Isle Cardigan -Free Crochet Pattern_

The Crochet Fair Isle Cardigan designed by Gayle Bunn is definitely the perfect sweater to wear this winter! You will practice making double crochet stitches, Fair Isle crochet, and increasing and decreasing techniques in this crochet pattern. The many colors make beautiful Nordic-style Fair Isle motifs that bring life to this long-line, open-front cardigan. With its color that matches the theme of the season, it makes beautiful Nordic-style Fair Isle motifs that bring life to this long-line, open-front cardigan. The size range of this cardigan stretches from XS-5XL which surely is one to keep! This cardigan will help the people around you feel the spirit of Christmas while not having to feel the winter cold.

4. Free Crochet Pattern: Chevron Lace Cardigan

Chevron Crochet Cardigan - free crochet pattern

If you want a simple yet stunning addition to your closet full of comfy outfits, then the Chevron Lace Cardigan is for you! Unlike common cardigans, this cardigan looks more like an overlay. This one-piece crochet might be a hard task to knit due to its pattern, but it will surely pay off at the end! With how marvelous it looks in black, you will definitely turn heads.

5. Free Crochet Pattern: Ribbed Crochet Cardigan

Ribbed Crochet Cardigan - Free Crochet Pattern_

Simplicity is best for other people, and woody brown cardigan sweaters may just be their definition of a drip, if you are one of those people who appreciates the same thing, then why not recreate the Ribbed Crochet Cardigan pattern? This crochet pattern is ideal for crocheters who want to improve their skills. The body and sleeves are worked from side to side as single crochet through back loops and half double crochet into the horizontal bar technique are combined. Who knows, maybe this is the crochet pattern that you are looking for. Its size range stretches from XS-5XL, perfect for every cardigan enthusiast out there!

6. Free Crochet Pattern: Crochet Fuzzy Cardi

Crochet Fuzzy Cardi - Free Crochet Pattern

If you want to feel cozy and fluffy while still being fashionable, then the Crochet Fuzzy Cardigan by crochet designer Michelle might just be for you! Its puffy materials make it possible for this crochet to be this fluffy! Although this one requires quite advanced crocheting skills, you may be able to recreate it with enough practice. This crochet sure is worth it, as it is a modern take on cardigans!

7. Free Crochet Pattern: Crochet Patchwork Drew Cardigan

Crochet Patchwork Drew Cardigan - free crochet pattern_

This crochet cardigan gives off that university vibe that we see in movies. With the color scheme of blue and yellow, the Crochet Drew Cardigan designed by Jonah Larson of Jonah’s Hands really makes you stand out in a crowd looking like a fancy university celebrity. This crochet ranges from sizes XS-5XL that can also be recreated by beginners and crochet masters!

8. Free Crochet Pattern: Cuff to Cuff Crochet Cardigan

Cuff to Cuff Crochet Cardigan-Free Crochet Pattern_

Do you want to spew rainbow energy through the neighborhood? Then what are you waiting for? This Cuff to Cuff Crochet Cardigan is definitely for you, Unicorn! The cuff-to-cuff crochet cardigan is right here to bring colors to your life as its size ranges from XS-5XL! Its blue, purple, and white colors will surely brighten up the day of those you pass by!

9. Free Crochet Pattern: Kimono Cardigan

Kimono Cardigan crochet

If you want to crochet a cardigan sweater as a gift this coming Christmas, then this crochet Kimono Cardigan will be a fine choice! Its flowery pattern in different shades of green resembles an impressive cardigan. The kimono cardigan gives off a peaceful and vintage vibe. This sweater will surely bring out the zen and sass in the person wearing it!

Learn more about the Crochet Kimono Cardigan pattern here.

Printable Crochet Cardigan and Sweater Patterns To Download From Online Shops (Paid)

1. NALA Crochet Cardigan Pattern

NALA Crochet Cardigan Pattern - digital download_

Are you looking for a nice cardigan to wear this summer? If your answer is yes, then this NALA Crochet Cardigan Pattern designed by The Easy Design is definitely what you’re looking for! With its salmon color and breezy crochet pattern, and wide range of sizes from XS-3XL this cardigan can be worn by different women in all shapes and colors!

2. Bridgette Long Sweater Crochet Pattern

Bridgette Long Sweater Crochet Pattern - pdf download_

If you’re one of those people who enjoy comfy couture, then this Bridgette Long Sweater Crochet is your match made in heaven! With its tri-color pattern design that resembles a falling leaf and functional pockets, this is definitely your cup of tea! In addition, this crocheted sweater can also be worn by women in size XS-3XL. Surely this design is cozy and inclusive!

3. Crochet Sweater

Crochet Sweater  - PDF Download_

This Crochet Sweater pattern is definitely a mixture of luxury and comfort! With its elegant gray color, protruded leaf pattern, and cowl neck design, this crochet is suitable for a small family outing up to formal events such as product launching and the like. This design is available in a wide range of sizes suitable for women small to plus size!

4. Women's Oversized Crochet Sweater

Womens Oversized Crochet Sweater Pattern - digital download_

If you’re looking for a nice sweater this coming winter, then this one's for you! This Women’s Oversized Crocheted Sweater by Make and Do Crew is fabulous with its warm brown colored yarn. This cardigan will surely warm you up on the coldest of days! This marvelous design is available in small to 3XL that can also be created by a beginner crochet maker!

We hope you’ve found a perfect cardigan to crochet and add to your wardrobe, Happy Crocheting!

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