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Top 11 Free Crochet Plant Hanger Patterns to Spruce Up Your Green Space

Are you ready to bring fresh, leafy flair to your home while showcasing your remarkable crochet skills? Well, hang in there because we’ve got a great blooming idea for you! We gathered a vibrant list of 9 free crochet plant hanger patterns you need to try for a quick and delightful project.

Hanging plants not only provide your house or patio with a warmer and more sophisticated look, but they also have numerous benefits. By improving air circulation, and increasing access to sunlight, hanging plants can promote better growth and overall health for your beloved greens. Don’t worry if you’re a crochet newbie! These plant hanger patterns are easy to follow.

It’s time to create your own lush hanging garden to bring joy and happiness to your home and plant babies.

Free Crochet Plant Hanger Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Crochet Pattern: Patons Crochet Plant Hanger

Patons Crochet Plant Hanger - Free Crochet Pattern
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Who says plants can’t have style? Spruce up your greenery game with the Patons Crochet Plant Hanger! This adorable and beginner-friendly plant hanger is crafted using just one ball of Patons Hempster yarn, and it’ll give your plants the boost they need to shine. Its chic macrame design and crochet techniques will add a personalized touch to your indoor jungle while keeping things neat. And the best part? It’s suitable for all skill levels, so even if you’re a crochet newbie, you can unleash your creativity and bring the beauty of nature indoors. Let’s get crocheting!

2. Free Crochet Pattern: Boho Fringed Crochet Plant Hanger

Boho Fringed Crochet Plant Hanger - Free Crochet Pattern
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Elevate your boho vibe with the Boho Fringed Crochet Plant Hanger, perfect for all skill levels. This 3 ½ inches x 8 inches crochet pattern, worked in the round using 100% cotton Peaches & Creme yarn, showcases a variety of stitches and techniques. Create a personalized, colorful accent for your plants while mastering fringes and tassels. Grab a 3.5mm hook and dive into this engaging project to transform your space with boho flair!

3. Free Crochet Pattern: Macramé Plant Hanger

Macramé Plant Hanger - Free Crochet Pattern
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Add a touch of retro chic to your home with Christine Bateman’s Macrame Plant Hanger crochet pattern. Perfect for beginners, this design fits a standard 5 inches to 6 inches pot and uses a 4.5mm hook with non-stretchy cotton yarn. Constructed from the bottom up, the 11 inches hanging chains are fully adjustable. So choose your favorite yarn and crochet your way to a stylish, nostalgic crochet plant hanger that brings the groovy ’70s vibe back to life!

4. Free Crochet Pattern: Red Heart Crochet Plant Hanger

Red Heart Crochet Plant Hanger - Free Crochet Pattern
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Are you searching for the best weekend project? Revamp your home decor with Alessandra Hayden’s plant hanger crochet patterns. Using Red Heart Cordial, this lively design is easy to create with double crochet stitches and an adjustable ring technique, fitting a standard 5″ [13 cm] flower pot. Infuse your space with a burst of color and originality while flaunting your crochet abilities. So pick your preferred cord shade and launch your crochet adventure with this playful and practical plant hanger project! It is suited for novice, intermediate, and expert crocheters.

5. Free Crochet Pattern: Poppy Plant Hanger

Poppy Plant Hanger - Free Crochet Pattern
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Designed by Verklust, this Poppy Plant Hanger is a wonderful project for intermediate to expert crocheters. The combination of a magic ring with a back loop, single and triple crochet stitches creates a plant hanger that shields your plants from insects or dust. Using 75 meters/82 yards of sport weight yarn and a 4.0mm hook, this pattern fits a pot 12 cm high and 10 cm in diameter, stretching to accommodate larger pots.

6. Free Crochet Pattern: Blooming Beauty Plant Hanger

Blooming Beauty Plant Hanger - Free Crochet Pattern
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Add uniqueness and elegance to your plant collection. Discover the Red Heart Blooming Beauty Plant Hanger, a crochet masterpiece fusing nature and artistry. Measuring 6″ in diameter x 6″ long, this easy-level pattern features chains, double, single, and triple crochet stitches. Ideal for indoor and outdoor settings, the vibrant hanger enhances your patio or living room. Unleash your creativity and elevate your potted plants now.

7. Free Crochet Pattern: Crochet Plant Holder and Hanger

Crochet Plant Holder and Hanger - Free Crochet Pattern
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Create a chic crochet plant holder and hanger in under an hour, designed by Donna Wolfe from Naztazia. Ideal for homes, offices, patios, and window use, this 6″ diameter x 5″ high pattern uses slip stitch and double crochet techniques. Suitable for all skill levels, it’s easily adjustable and made with robust nylon string for durability. Elevate your greenery with this charming, time-saving crochet project, perfect for personal use or gifting!

8. Free Crochet Pattern: Rosemary Plant Hanger

Rosemary Plant Hanger - Free Crochet Pattern
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Give your plants a new look with the Rosemary Plant Hanger, a quick and easy crochet project by Tina Vi. Perfect for 16-18 cm diameter plant pots, this hanger is crafted from a cotton cord or macramé cord and worked in rounds. Suitable for beginners, this versatile design fits any plant and has a total height of 84cm. It requires 12mm crochet hook. Tired of boring old pots? Give your green babies the style they deserve with this sassy crochet plant hanger!

9. Free Crochet Pattern: Crochet Hanging Plant Trio

Crochet Hanging Plant Trio - Free Crochet Pattern
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Impress your guest with your remarkable plant collection displayed with this Crochet Hanging Plant Trrio. Using a 6mm crochet hook and easy techniques like chaining, slip stitching, single crochet, and double crochet, you’ll create three stunning straps to display your favorite plants. This crochet pattern adds a lovely decorative touch to your house, and it’s just the right size for pots with a 3-inch diameter.

10. Free Crochet Pattern: Luminarie Cozy and Hanging Planter

Luminarie Cozy and Hanging Planter - Free Crochet Pattern
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Elevate your space with the Luminarie Cozy and Hanging Planter, a free crochet pattern by Hannah Maier for Knitpicks. Intermediate level, using a Size 8 (1.5 mm) steel crochet hook. The Luminarie adds elegance to a 16 oz jar, while the Hanging Planter features a charming motif for an 8 oz jar base. Detailed charts and written instructions ensure your success with this creative project.

11. Free Crochet Pattern: Rhea Plant Hanger

Rhea Plant Hanger - Free Crochet Pattern
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Create the charming Rhea Plant Hanger with Lion Brand’s Just Hemp yarn. This easy-level free crochet pattern results in a 5-inch project. Perfect for beginners, it’s crocheted using a Size I-9 (5.5 mm) hook. Elevate your plant display with this stylish and functional hanger.

Embrace your inner green thumb and crochet enthusiast, and create a captivating plant display that will impress you!

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