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Top 6 Free Crochet Toilet Paper Cover Patterns

Let’s face it, toilet paper is a bathroom essential, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a boring eyesore. Embracing creativity in your bathroom design is the key to turning this often-overlooked space into a haven of relaxation. From cute animals to elegant floral designs, our selection of crochet patterns for toilet paper covers caters to every personality and style, ensuring your bathroom reflects your individual flair.

No longer will toilet paper be a mere functional item. Instead, with these crochet patterns, you’ll turn it into a decorative showstopper. Get ready to stitch your way to an unforgettable bathroom experience that will leave your guests talking for days!

Free Crochet Toilet Paper Cover Patterns – Top Picks

1. Free Crochet Pattern: Retro Owl Toilet Cover

Retro Owl Toilet Cover - Free Crochet Pattern
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This easy-level crochet project is a hoot, transforming any extra toilet tissue roll into a quirky accessory. Let this wise old owl watch over your throne. Choose from over 100 Red Heart Super Saver shades for endless customizability. Bring a burst of color and fun to your bathroom or gift this whimsical wonder to owl-loving friends. It’s a wise choice for a unique and playful touch!

2. Free Crochet Pattern: Toilet Paper Doll Cover

Toilet Paper Doll Cover - Free Crochet Pattern
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Who says your toilet can’t be fashionable? Add some doll-style. Crafted with white worsted 9 wpi yarn and a 3.5mm hook, this medium-difficulty pattern showcases various stitches, providing a delightful challenge. Designed for a 7.5″ Fibre Craft Doll/Poupée, this enchanting cover transforms ordinary toilet paper rolls into artful accessories. If you’re trying to challenge yourself while making a charming and unique bathroom accessory, prepare your yarns and hooks and recreate this!

3. Free Crochet Pattern: Flowered Toilet Roll Cover

Flowered Toilet Roll Cover - Free Crochet Pattern
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Let your bathroom bloom with this flowered toilet cover. Skillfully crafted using single, half-double, and double crochet stitches, this eye-catching cover fits snugly around a standard toilet roll. Made with colorful worsted-weight yarn and 4.00mm & 3.50mm hooks, it’s a seamless, nature-inspired delight. Brighten up any space with this practical, decorative piece – the perfect handmade gift to surprise loved ones on any occasion.

4. Free Crochet Pattern: Vibrant Toilet Roll Cover

Vibrant Toilet Roll Cover - Free Crochet Pattern
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Looking to add some colorful personality to your bathroom decor? Check out the Vibrant Toilet Paper Cover crochet pattern! This beginner-friendly project uses only one ball of Bernat Mosaic yarn to create beautiful color transitions. The pattern features basic stitches like chain, half double crochet, and slip stitch, and measures 4″ wide by 4.5″ in diameter to fit perfectly over a standard roll of toilet paper. Designed by Michael Sellick of The Crochet Crowd, it’s a great way to show off your crochet skills and add some fun to your bathroom.

5. Free Crochet Pattern: Unicorn Toilet Paper Cover

Unicorn Toilet Paper Cover - Free Crochet Pattern
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This crochet pattern by Sonya Blackstone of Blackstone Designs, called the Unicorn Toilet Paper Cover, is an entertaining and lovely way to add some character and humor to your bathroom décor. The design is appropriate for crocheters of all skill levels, as it only requires basic crochet techniques and stitches. The pattern necessitates Worsted Weight 100% Acrylic Yarn and both H/8/5.00mm and G/6/4.00mm Crochet Hooks to create this adorable little unicorn. The Unicorn Toilet Paper Cover is meant to fit all sizes of toilet paper rolls and is guaranteed to make you smile every time you see it. This funny and one-of-a-kind creation will undoubtedly impress your visitors and serve as an excellent conversation starter!

6. Free Crochet Pattern: Octopus Toilet Roll Cover

Octopus Toilet Roll Cover - Free Crochet Pattern
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Want to spruce up your bathroom decor? Look no further than Arja Lam’s free crochet pattern for a toilet-paper octopus! This cute project uses 2.5mm crochet hook and cotton yarn in at least 2 colors and features a variety of stitches, including SC and DC. It’s easily adjustable to fit any size roll. Be creative with colors, have fun with this cute project, and enjoy!

These enchanting patterns are proof that even the most mundane household items can be transformed into eye-catching, conversation-starting masterpieces. With your crochet hooks and newfound inspiration, the sky’s the limit for your bathroom decorating adventures!

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