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10 Adorable Free Easter Crochet Patterns

Easter is coming your way with these fabulous Easter-themed items you can use this upcoming Bunny Season! These various pieces ranging from fashion, decoration, and egg-hunting must-haves, are definitely a worthy addition to your Spring time decoration. It's a lot of fun to crochet an Easter pattern. The season's pastel hues are a joy to work with, and it's difficult to beat the cuteness of Easter-themed animals.

Keep the Easter traditions going by creating thoughtful crocheted gifts for your loved ones.

What are you waiting for? Grab your wool and crocheting tools as we're about to show you Eggstatic goods that you can recreate at home!

Free Easter Crochet Patterns – Top Picks

1. Easter Bunny Crochet Cup Cozy

Easter Bunny Crochet Cup Cozy -free crochet pattern_

Nothing feels better than starting your day with a hot cup of coffee. However, drinking coffee in a handleless cup seems painful as it burns your palms, your mornings are basically ruined. But don’t worry, buttercup, as this Bunny Cup Cozy by Chi Wei could be your lifesaver! With its white and orange bunny aesthetic, this piece will definitely make your day extra EASTERrific!

2. Mini Bunny Bag

Mini bunny bag - free crochet tutorial

If you’re committed to showing your easter aesthetic to your friends this coming bunny season, then this Mini Bunny Bag by Left in Knots is surely a must-add fashion item to your collection! This mini bag appears to be a cutesy white bunny head adorned with its long-lashed eyes, pink nose, and flowers in two various colors: violet and green. So hurry, and crochet this unique bunny bag!

3. Bunny Beanie with Ears

Bunny beanie with ears  - for girls and boys- free Easter crochet hats_

Another probable cute item you can add to your Easter Bunny-themed closet is this cute beanie that is best suited for your equally adorable babies at home. This Bunny Beanie with Ears is designed by Heart Hook Home! You can choose between two designs for your beanie’s accessories: an exquisite Fuschia bow and a Midnight Green hat. These beanie's overall theme revolves around making your toddlers look like a real bunny on an Easter Holiday!

4. Easter Egg Crochet Basket

Easter Egg Basket Crochet - free crochet tutorial

Easter Holidays are not the Bunny holiday if not for its infamous egg hunting activity. So if you’re looking for a hunting-ready basket, then this Easter Egg Crochet Basket by Whistle and Ivy is for you! This eclectic basket draws inspiration from drawstring bags for its scrunched opening. With its blue and gray, and blue and white color palettes to choose from, this indeed is a good find!

5. Fillable Crochet Easter Eggs

fillable crochet easter eggs- free crochet pattern_

Are you tired of boring and environmentally harmful plastic eggs for your annual bunny season? If your answer is yes, you can surely check out this Fillable Crochet Easter Eggs by Whistle and Ivy! These crocheted easter eggs are cute, eco-friendly, and functional at the same time. You can also customize these eggs however you want. So pick your favorite yarn color combinations now, and start knitting!

6. Crochet Easter Basket

Crochet Easter Basket - free crochet pattern_

Another Easter Basket on this list is this fantastic classical crocheted Easter Basket designed by Cheryl of Crochet 365 Knit too. This fuzzy easter egg basket can carry all the eggs you’ve hunted in a cozy green crocheted basket adorned with the cutest spring flowers in carnation pink color. This set is complete with its egg pattern and an adorable white bunny peeking out of the basket.

7. Crochet Easter Place Setting

Crochet Easter Place Setting - free crochet tutorial

If you’re incredibly all out on designing your home this upcoming Easter Season to the point that you don’t know where to start, worry no more, try starting with your kitchen with this amazing Crochet Easter Place Setting is designed by Petals to Picots! This colorful egg-shaped piece can hold your table napkins and silverwares, which can also be a great coaster for your cups. Adorable, right?

8. Cube Bunny Rabbit Amigurumi

Cube Bunny Rabbit Amigurumi - free crochet tutorial_

If you’re looking for a perfect Bunnysthetic gift this Easter, we can definitely recommend this cute Amigurumi crochet named Cube Bunny Rabbit by Crafty Bunny Bun! Not only is this piece great for giving, but this is also a fun crochet to make with your friends as once you have mastered this piece, but you can also create an entire colony of rabbits from different colors and sizes, fun right?

9. Bunny Comfort Blankie

Bunny Comfort Blankie - free crochet pattern_

Another unique item from this list is this Bunny Comfort Blankie from Yarnspirations featuring Red Heart with Love yarn collection! This bunny blankie is definitely the perfect gift for your toddler for its fuzzy animation of a brown bunny rabbit that they can cuddle up for the rest of the cold spring nights this upcoming Easter Season. So get your yarns as your toddlers will yearn for this adorable bunny blanket!

10. Springtime Easter Eggs

Springtime Easter Eggs crochet pattern

Another Easter Egg item on this list is this Springtime Easter Eggs This is a fresh take on the bodacious array of easter eggs so far. This thrives in a simple plain aesthetic. In contrast to the use of pastel colors from the above-listed eggs, this uses bright colors. If this is your cup of tea, then you should definitely get this one!

Learn more about the Springtime Easter Eggs crochet pattern here.

We hope that you've found your Eggcelent Easter patterns to crochet. Happy crocheting!

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