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8 Free Scarf and Hat Crochet Patterns

Everyone loves winter, but some can’t stand the wind and low temperatures. A matching combination of a scarf and a hat is exactly what you need to look stunning in the cold season. They're fashionable, with beautiful colors and textures, but they're also quite simple to make. You'll be finished crocheting and ready to go for a walk in your fashionable new outfit in no time! Find your go-to crochet hat scarf combo pattern! Keep your hearts, bodies, and souls away from the cold with these free scarf and hat crochet tutorials.

Free Scarf and Hat Crochet Patterns – Top Picks

1. Bernat Crochet Hat & Scarf Set

Bernat Crochet Hat & Scarf Set - free crochet pattern_

Get ready to be snuggled up by this beginner-friendly crocheted matching hat and scarf set! Even with just a night out with friends, these pieces will make you feel comfortable because of their soft quality, leaving you feeling at ease with yourself. The patterns used in pieces look exceptional, giving them an endearing quality for the wearer to enjoy. The hat is one size that can easily fit an adult head, and the scarf measures approximately 9 inches x 90 inches.

2. Caron Crochet Hat & Scarf Set

Caron Crochet Hat and Scarf - free crochet pattern_

Gentle and soft to the skin, this hat and scarf set is the perfect companion for any adventure trip that will protect you from the harsh and biting winds of a foreign land. Bestowed with the graceful hues of the color gray, it has the style of a sea of startling stars with its tiny shimmering stones, making its appearance known. This is the perfect piece for you to recreate if you have the skill of an intermediate crocheter. The approximate sizes for the set are as follows:

  • Scarf – 8 inches x 70 inches
  • Hat circumference – 18 inches

3. Red Heart Crochet Striped Hat & Scarf Set

Red Heart Crochet Striped Hat & Scarf Set - free crochet pattern_

What better way to incorporate your wardrobe essentials with the simple elegance a hat and a scarf brings? This beginner-friendly crocheted hat and scarf set will do wonders for your fashion style, elevating your look to the next level. The set has infused with the technique of stripes, making use of its versatility with your other wardrobe pieces. The hat is one size to easily fit an adult, and the scarf’s approximate size is 9 inches x 81 inches.

4. Red Heart Crochet Striped Hat & Scarf Set

Crochet Spiral Hat and Ribbed Scarf - free crochet pattern_

Giving gifts is one of the underrated forms of love. This crocheted spiral hat and ribbed scarf are perfect for birthday gifts for your little children, nieces and nephews, and little cousins! The detailing of the set will have everyone squinting their eyes to gaze upon the beautiful and careful handiwork to create such pieces. You can easily recreate this set, even if you are a beginner crocheter. The hat is measured to fit a child’s head, preferably from 2 to 8 years old. The scarf measures approximately 5 inches x 35 inches.

5. Color Burst Beanie and Scarf Set

Color Burst Beanie and Scarf Set - free crochet pattern_

Tired of wearing the same dark colors for your beanie and scarf? Try to recreate this beginner-friendly design that will effortlessly bring colors to your wardrobe! It can easily be the beacon of light to your wardrobe, making you stand out from everyone. The careful detailing of the handiwork proves that it’s not about simplicity, but rather how you will turn your clothing to be the center of attraction. The hat is one size to fit an average woman’s head. The scarf measures 8 inches x 78 inches.

6. Crocheted Cloche & Scarf Set

Crocheted Cloche & Scarf Set - free crochet pattern_

Remember when the unique designs and styles of renaissance fashion became just the highlight for everyone? This crocheted cloche and scarf set will definitely have everyone turn their heads in your direction, hypnotizing everyone for its elegance and classiness. The set plays harmonically with various colors, a symphony of sophisticated beauty. Infused with a touch of modernity, this set will absolutely transform your wardrobe into a one-of-a-kind. This was gorgeously designed by Katherine Eng and proportioned for all intermediate crocheters. The scarf measures 5 ½ inches x 62 inches and the cloche fits all women.

7. Ripple Hat & Scarf

Ripple Hat & Scarf - free crochet pattern_

Are you a sucker for colorful and bright clothing? This hat and scarf matching set gives off vintage vibes, a quite discerning feature for all women’s clothing. The design and technique used are stylish, conforming to the era of modern fashion. It brings about a sense of coziness and warmth just by looking at it. This can be easily recreated by all beginner crocheters. Designed by Mary Jane Protus, the scarf measures 6 inches x 71 inches.

8. Jagged Lines Hat & Scarf Set

Jagged Lines Hat & Scarf Set - free crochet pattern_

Designed by J. Erin Boland, this hat and scarf set boasts the aesthetic quality of bright colors, a lustrous feature that will catch everyone’s attention. The pieces highlight the polished quality of the set, finishing it off with finer details of the handiwork. Advertised as beginner-friendly crochet, every one can effortlessly reduplicate these pieces. The scarf measures 5 inches wide x 60 inches long.

With so many shades and textures of yarn to choose from, the choices for a hat and scarf combo are almost limitless.

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